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I cried today
Published on March 21, 2005 By BigDreamer415 In Blogging
I don't cry. But, today I cried.

I cried for Justin and his broken heart. I cried because I didn't see it coming. I cried because I realized exactly what was going on.

I cried for Sam who said she looked longingly at the knives sitting on that counter. I cried because her only outlet was alcohol.

I cried for Megan and her self-inflicted wounds. I cried because she cries. I feel dark because they feel dark. I cried because of all the backstabbing and hurt that we're all faced with.

I cried because of all the betrayal in the "churches" I've been to.

I cried because Amanda just up and left us all hanging to wonder what we did wrong. I cried today because I remembered Kaylee attempting suicide.

I cried because of all the hurtful things Mom's mom has said to her, and I cried for all the things she didn't say, all the things she needs to say.

I cried because RJ's parents couldn't give a fuck about him.

I cried because Jared will only destroy himself drinking, even if he thinks he controls himself.

I said a prayer as a tear rolled down my cheek for everyone hurting. And my heart felt heavy because I, too, am hurting.


on Mar 22, 2005
Here I am, hurting with you, and everyone else.

I hope it makes it a bit easier to bare.


on Mar 22, 2005

(sorry, made the comment under the wrong name, my friends)


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